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Offering amazing ice cream in Strathaven

From the old favourites to ice cream that is truly different, Cookie Dough have a brilliant range of flavours.
Contact Cookie Dough  today for an excellent range of flavours in Strathaven, Lanarkshire.

Stockists of Stewart Tower ice cream 

We are stockists of the Stewart Tower ice cream. Made in the Italian gelato-style, these creamy, smooth textured ice creams are made to perfection with a special process. We have a lot of different flavours including:

• Kinder Bueno                     
• Chocolate Fudge Brownie
• Cookie Dough                     
• Raspberry Ripple                
• Vanilla                                   
• Nutella                                  
• Mint Choc Chip                  
• Tablet
• Coffee
• Crème Egg
• Jammie Dodger
• Dime Bar
• Moo (Milk)
• Blackberry Yoghurt
• Strawberry Yogurt

 Great for kids and also people who are lactose intolerant we also stock Strawberry Fruit Ice & Raspberry Fruit Ice

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Buckfast ice cream

Buckfast ice cream

Ever wondered about the outcomes of a wine and ice cream in combination?  Look no further as we offer our famous Buckfast ice cream. Enjoy this cold, creamy delight with us at Cookie Dough and we guarantee that you won't have more than a slight buzz.
Prosecco ice cream

Prosecco ice cream

If you thought ice cream couldn't get better, allow us to prove you wrong! We bring to you, our famous Prosecco ice cream. Your favourite summer evening's tipple is blended with a dessert to create the perfect Prosecco ice cream you can enjoy with your friends.
Craving an ice cream? Call Cookie Dough  in Strathaven on
01357 528 566

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