A range of sweets including retro and imported.

From traditional sweets such as Mint Humbugs or Fruits to retro sweets imported from America. Cookie Dough stocks a wide range. Visit us in Strathaven Today. 

Loads of sweets to choose from, including;

Fruit Salad
Russian Caramels
Gida Mints
Gida Fruits
Milk Chocolate Raisins
Bobby's Kickers
Vimto Rip Roll
USA Shots
Jumbo Jawbreakers
Mint Humbugs
Horehound Rock
Butter Drops
Toffee Doodles
Liquorice Satins
Apple & Custards
Lucky Tatties
Bah Humbugs
Strawberry Bon Bons
Football Gums
As well as many more! Visit us today to see our full stock or call us to find out more information.
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American sweets

A range of imported american sweets

We import and stock a wide range of American favourites such as Hersheys Chocolate, USA Shots, Tootsie Rolls, Nerds, Laffy Taffy, a wide range of jell beans and much much more! 

Call in today to see what we have on offer! 
Traditional Sweets

Looking for some Traditional Sweets?

If American sweets aren't your thing, we also stock a wide range of the traditional sweets, including Mint Humbugs, Yorkshire Mix, Pear Drops, Licorice Allsorts as well as many more that will remind you of your childhood.
Looking to please your sweet tooth? Visit Call Cookie Dough today or Call us on
01357 528 566

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